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Pueyrredon Terraces

This building is located in the best residential area of downtown Salta, Argentina.  It has two towers separated by courtyards and connected by outer walkways with elevators and stairwells.

            The ground floor has nested accesses to the building, both for individuals and cars, as well as commercial space.  The first floor is intended for office space in both towers, with separate entrances to the apartments with large, windowed and open terraces.

            The top floor contains common areas designed for the apartments, including a solarium, a pool, rooftop gardens. 

            Car access is through remote control gates.  The external walls are finished with water-proof plastic coating.  The walls and ceilings are made of soundproofed plaster.  The balconies have steel railings and glass panels.  Each apartment has an outdoor terrace with a grill.  The basement and ground floor of the building is equipped with closed circuit security cameras for safety and control.  Each unit has hookups for air conditioner - heater equipment.  The apartments come with a full kitchen with natural granite countertops.  The overhead and under-counter cupboards are a similar material. Bedrooms boast parquet floors and the living room is tarugado.






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