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Palermo Building

The project team felt that the insertion of a new building in such a historic setting should reflect the present, utilizing modern materials and design criteria that address the present needs and take advantage of available technologies.  The result should achieve a harmonious relationship with the surroundings without imitating it, but still standing out; without ignoring it, but still drawing upon the same essential elements.

            The building cossets of one tower with a ground floor and five following floors.

The following assumptions were taken into account to design the building in relation to existing buildings on the block: 

  • Heights, volumes, morphology, building lines and bases, finishing materials, textures, and colors.

  • Insertion of the office building harmoniously into the environment that is visually pleasing both at the pedestrian level and from aerial views, resulting in a complete proportion of volume and height.

  • The proposal relates to the dominant lines of the block.

  • Within the morphological treatment of the building, we utilized virtual models to create different versions of the facade, taking into account flat vs. linear and  solid vs. transparent, to best understand how the observer would relate it to its environment.

  • We used the latest construction materials and systems available. The structure is HºAº with mezanines, modular and movable ceilings, and inner partitions to divide the space (gypsum boards on metal slabs).


  • Communication, security, and access systems are provided at all levels, including the basement and parking levels.  The exterior is coated with colored Iggam or Revear, glass facade walls and silkscreened parasol glass.







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