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Zorrilla Palace

The project to repurpose the Zorrilla Palace was solicited by the Catholic University of Salta (Studies and Projects Deparment) asks to eliminate a number of structures in the courtyard of the original structure, returning it to its original design and refinishing it with a double-glass roof to create a main entrance based on its central location.  The plan also proposes treating a new green courtyard that links the ground floor to the first floor.

            Although the existing main area of the Zorrilla Palace will function as the ceremonial headquarters of the University and will be preserved in its original state, the first floor walls will be removed to create a large ballroom that, with the rest of the spaces, can have multiple uses: conference and meeting spaces, expositions, etc.

            The back patio reinforces this concept, completing one side of the main gallery with a coffee shop, and integrating the other existing structures.  The center will boast a feature of water jets that rise from the ground.






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