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Tineo Building

The Tineo Gateway is a building with a floor area of 8,100 m2 placed in an area of 52.63m by 19.93m and a 6m diagonal, intended for multiple uses: offices, shops, and garages under the horizontal property plan.

            The building is made up of a ground floor, with a commercial gallery and internal locales out to the street front (10), three underground parking floors (97 car spaces), and two four-floor office blocks (76), one of which is located on Belgrano Avenue, and the other on Balcarce Street.  On the corner, a circular glass tower joins the two office blocks, spanning five floors for VIP offices.  Office layouts range between 28, 35, 45, and 78 m2.

            Special care was taken with the respect to the building’s footprint given its surroundings; the circular glass tower serves as a prominent figure on the corner and are related to the Usandivaras Palace on Castro Way and the corner of Belgrano Ave.  The blocks surrounding the glass tower basement mimic the architecture of Hotel Alejandro I.







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