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El Palacio Galleries

The Palacio Galleries strings together one architectural piece from three different buildings, each constructed in different periods with their own design and structure, and translates it into a contemporary language with a cultural and commercial purpose.

            The Day Palace (1912-1913) is a distinguished home forming an ensemble of French style with the old headquarters of the Social Club 20 February, located in the heart of historic Salta, Argentina.  In this work we integrated recovered materials that comprised the original structure and readapted the structural system to meet current regulations.  Architecturally, the front remains intact while the main courtyard is completely redesigned.  This patio, with massive amounts of natural light, recreates the original palatial atmosphere, generating a meeting space spatially integrated with the city’s main square.

            The parking building (1980) also maintains it metal L-shaped structure, and it retains the original structural frames, emphasizing its difference both in shape and in era from the Day Palace.  This contemporary reading of the layout ties the two entrances from Mitre Street and Caseros Street at an intersection with a large truncated cylinder that projects light throughout the entire corridor and can be seen from both entrances.

            The Caseros House 662 (1930), one of the first concrete structures built in Salta, was completely remodeled on the top floor to house the administrative offices of the gallery.  The ground floor was completely opened up as an entryway and for two locales with double-height ceilings.




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