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    Creativity is an aspect of humans which brings us closer to the divine, and architecture is one of the highest expressions of creativity.  Eternity is inherent to man and the divine is his essence of being.  The physical body and material expressions are the field of form, and as such, are finite.  All these processes reveal the essential principle of being, because the processes and the principles are inseparable.  


        God is the beginning, creation is the process.  Being part of the creation, as an architect, is a divine grace that allows us to access the eternal world of thought, which becomes a habitable form.  The creative act reaches a transcendent dimension when we are able to stop ourselves and access our inner space, and from there we reach the world of forms, where the consciousness of creation is present in the people that design, on the site and the elements that comprise it, and through the life the passes through continuously. So being one with everything, thought can express its ideas in ways that become form.

            This awareness of God, present in each of us and in all creation, is the starting point of the creative act where we become one with the whole.  Time disappears and we exist in the realm of the eternal.  When we talk about timeless architectural works, we refer to them as works that have transcended time to anchor themselves in the eternal present, regardless of their styles or construction elements. The architect, more than just the project of a house or building, is a part of the ongoing process of universal creation, where the work inserts itself in every present moment, creating a new situation fed by the elements and spirits that preceded it and generating a constant dynamic process.

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