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This work can be found in the downtown area of the city of Salta, Argentina, in one of the most concentrated area of high risers.  This building has five floors, a ground floor, and a basement, and consists of two towers with nine apartments (split level), office space, and a retail shop.

            The morphology is expressed with large terraces (4 m L) that project radically from the inside out, and the main rooms of the apartment fully expand to the deck terrace, generating a very fluid interior-exterior link.

            The two towers are connected by a nucleus of stairwells and elevators forming a courtyard whose walls are covered with a metal mesh where plants from each apartment grow, creating a “green wall” that shade the visual areas of service and refresh the heart of the building.

            From the ground floor there is access to the building, a local retail store, and the garage.  On the same level, the gym, sauna, grill, hot tub, swimming pool and multi purpuose room.





Dean Funes Terraces

corte longitudinal.jpg

corte longitudinal.jpg

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