Green Airs Complex

The building consists of two apartment towers with ground floor entryways, eight apartment floors, and a green terrace.  The tower that faces the street stands 4m from the municipal line, which allows for landscaped gardens, large-scale sculptures, and resting places.  Access to the building is nested with a double height entryway and spans to the second tower with glass enclosures, resting spaces, and gardens.  There are two vehicle entrances at this level that lead to the ground floor and basement parking spaces.  The first basement level also contains bicycle storage (one per apartment), motorcycle parking, and space intended for technical equipment like gas and electric meters and water tanks that serve the entire building.

            Green Airs boasts 128 parking spaces and 124 apartments - according to plans from the 1st to 8th floor - 62 are studio apartments, 30 are one-bedroom and multi-use apartments, and 32 are two-bedroom units.  All of the units have a private balcony with a grill and gardening equipment.  On the 9th floor of each tower - united by a walkway bridge - there will be green terraces that include the common areas: swimming pool, solarium, saunas, grills, restrooms, multipurpose rooms, seating areas with umbrellas, trees, and fauna.